Early Years
Greeting fans and signing autographs - a young actor on his way up!
A college photo?
Peter and an unnamed lady
At the premiere of Sylvester Stallone's
movie F.I.S.T., April 1978
Peter Strauss attended Northwestern's National High School Institute and the University's School of Speech from which he received a bachelor's degree in 1969. While at Northwestern Strauss was active in University Theatre (see photographon left). He made his motion picture debut in "Hail Hero" (1969) and has played parts in several movies and television dramas. Notable productions have included "Rich Man, Poor Man," "Masada," "Kane and Able," and "Moloney."
Peter Strauss played "Stephen" on a 1973 episode of
The Mary Tyler Moore show, titled, "Angels in the Snow."
 Mary met "Stephen" (Peter Strauss), when they were both buying a Christmas tree!
They begin dating, but when Mary and Rhoda attend a low-wattage "party" at Stephen's pad, Mary realizes that she and her handsome young beau are in different places on the same path, and she breaks it off.

Unfortunately, it appears that this episode has been removed from youtube.com.
Peter with Patti Davis